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As you rushed into this Website, if you are a Ship Owner, Ship Captain or Ship Maintenance Company and if you are looking for Great Supply for Your Ship, Vessels, Boats etc on a Competitive Lower Price They You are at the Right Place. To Maintain Great deal of Business out of your Ship, Vessel You need to maintain it perfectly. And on that case as Ship, vessels, tankers etc keep roaming the world whole year, you frequently get in trouble to repair your ships, or add new parts, keep spare Marine Parts into the Ship.

If you are looking for Marine Supply items at lower price then you are at the right place. UsedMarineSupply Just Recently launched this website to serve through their products worldwide.

What is Used Marine Supply?

This Website has provided high quality Marine Parts to thousands of customer. We can for sure at first tell you that you can’t expect a Brand new Marine Product from us. But What if we can guarantee you a product to give you long term service without any trouble? Yes, We Buy Marine & Industrial Diesel Generators, Used Compressors, important used marine engine parts, used navigation items, used marine electric items etc and refurbish them. We have a Great team of technicians and engineers who test the product by running for a period of time. Once getting Clearance from them we prepare these product to supply worldwide.

Now, you might be thinking what is the benefit of buying used marine supply items?

Yes, you are right. There is no point of buying used, second hand items if you want to spend higher budget for the same brand product that we sell on Second hand.

To make this Point Clear, We are describing here the source of our Product, which will give you a clear view of the product we sell, and the product you will order us, the safety about it.

Source of our Marine Supply

We are based in Asia, and if you are a ship owner, captain, agency manager, or ship Maintenance Company then you might know where is the Graveyard of thousands of ships which fulfill their lifetime of service. A lot of countries now do the Ship Dismantling outside Asia but most of these types of ships comes to Asia for Dismantling. These Ships are being broken by Machines, Going for Melting and being shaped into some other valuable Products. But what about the Products that they can’t send for melting?

Please Have a look at Ship Recycling Yard in the Video.


Important Marine Engine Parts, Used Marine machinery

like, Marine diesel Engine, Marine Diesel Generators, Used marine Compressors, Used Marine Motors, Electric items, Navigation items etc.?

Yes, these are the most important items when a ship comes for dismantling. And all these Reusable Marine parts Gets out of those ships with care, handling by the expert.

And you might know in a Life Circle of a ship it gets a lot of equipment changes due to work load. Sometimes if the generator fails, they need a spare Marine Diesel generator and they get the Main Generator Repaired and connect it again. Thus the Second one remains Spare.

Like this, every year thousands of ships comes for dismantling but into them there are a lot of products which are 100% working, fresh condition. Our Marine Supply team gets into those Ships, Inspect those items and if they approve the product as reusable marine product then we start our process to buy and take it into our store.

While you spends thousands for your ships repair, we assume you might stay worried about the quality of the product and we stay positive with you. You are right because no one wants their money to though into water. We are on used Marine supply business for about 13 years and have delivered thousands of products worldwide without complain because we make sure to test the product thousand time ourselves so that When you buy it you stay out of worry.


What types of Marine Supply you can get from us?

Please have a Look at our all pages to check what kind of Quality Marine Supply items we Can Provide to you. But here are at the bottom we are describing a few of our main Marine Supply Products that we give High priority on Service, Delivery etc.

Also if you are looking for any other types of Marine Supply product that you can’t see here in details or Pictures on this website and then we request you to use the Contact form to Get in touch with us. We can guarantee you to confirm availability of the product within 48 hours maximum.

We give high Priority to the Products which you can contact us for are

All types of Marine Items, Marine Diesel Engine parts, Marine diesel generators, Marine Compressors, All types of Compressors like Ac compressors, Air Compressors etc, Marine High Horse power Motors, Ship used electric items, used ship navigation items etc.

In a nutshell you can use our website to get quote about any type of Ship, Boats, and Marine Supply Products.

Below here you can find little bit of details about our Main Marine supply products and we are uploading real quality Pictures of those Product which we currently hold.

Idustrial & Marine Used Diesel Generators for Sale 

If you are looking for High Power Generators for Industrial usage or your marine Usage then you got the Right Place to get in touch with. We Provide High Quality Used Marine Diesel generators in Stock. We Keep More than hundred used Marine Generators in our Stock. You can see the below pictures of our in stock Marine Diesel generators. Also please have a Look at our Specific Web page of Marine & Industrial Diesel Generators for Sale to Have Details About our Generator Sales.

Marine Supply, used diesel generators.
One of our Marine & Industrial Diesel Generators up for Sale.
Marine Supply, Marine generators for sale
Fresh View of our Industrial & Marine Diesel Generators for Sale







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Used Marine Compressors for Sale

In a Ship or vessel there are different types of Compressors you can find, all those compressors have their own functionality. But Compressing Air, or Liquid for need is what we know Compressors are used in ships. There are few types of Compressors which requires to operate a Ship. And as we have Mentioned above we collect all kind of Working, Fresh Condition Marine Supply, Spare Supply for Ships, we do collect Used Marine Compressors to. As a Part of Our Compressor collection here is Attached Picture which will give you an idea of what types of compressors we can provide you. Also you can check our detailed page of Marine Compressor sale.

Marine Supply, Used Marine Air compressor for sale
Our in stock Used Marine Compressor Which is available for Sale
Marine Supply, Used Marine Air compressors for sale
Marine Supply has been delivering these types of Fresh Used Marine Compressors







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Used Marine Engine Parts for Sale

Engine is the Heart of a vehicle and same goes for Ships, vessels, tankers etc. A Marine engine is consisted with a lot of parts. So you might get in need of specific used marine engine parts anytime. And we do Sell all sorts of Marine engine Parts. Below you can see one of our in Stock Marine Engine Cylinder Liner. But we invite you to contact with us for any type of Marine Product, Marine Engine Parts that you need.

One of our Marine Supply Marine engine parts. This Liner Cylinder is also available
Marine Supply, Marine engine Parts
Details of Marine Engine Parts, Cylinder Liner












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Conditions of Marine Supply that you will get

You might worry about the condition of the Product you will receive as a refurbished marine parts. One thing we would like to give you reminder about is we don’t buy & repair dead Marine Machineries. We only buy 100% working products which can be used without any issues. We check each & every Marine products after taking it into storage. If the item passes all our check list then it became available for Sale.


Why you should buy a used Marine supply Items?  

If your ships, vessels are running throughout the world for whole year they frequently need changes of parts. On that case if you want to keep your Money machine running, I think you would choose to keep backup of your important marine parts of your ship. In that case if you keep a used marine parts as spare or keep it into your warehouse that may help you in need very urgently.


If you can’t see your Product name in our Website

You might not find images or exact the same product you are looking for your Business. But on that case you are requested to use our instant contact form to get in touch and you will be notified about the availability of the product within 1 or 2 business days. You will get brief description of available product. So why not just talk to us instead of roaming for a product for hours.


Guarantee of Satisfaction

Yes, that is what you can trust on us. We will be accepting Product return if you had any issue after getting the delivery of the product. Without even asking single question.