Used Industrial & Marine Diesel Generators For Sale

You are going to Find the best Used Marine Diesel Generator for Sale to equip with your Vessel, Industrial use

Looking for Used Marine Diesel Generator for Sale? Great! You are at the Right Place. But At first Let me clarify some things why we say it is Industrial & Marine used generators. I know you might have lots of knowledge about these, as you are looking for these types of Generators.

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What types of Used Marine Generators do we deliver?Marine Supply Mainly Deal with two types of Used Marine Generators. One is Used Marine Gas Powered Generators, & another is the most used one, used marine Diesel Generators. We do have collections of both gas powered & diesel powered marine generators but in our selling history the percentage of Gas powered Marine Generators are about 20% of whole generators sale amount. We mainly get delivery from ships of Diesel powered marine generators. But what we have been doing is, we do take quote from customers about their requirement of Gas powered Generators too. We try to find them out from all the ship yard, if they are available we then notify the customer. So if you are looking for Used Marine gas generators for sale then you should contact us.

What is Used industrial & Marine Diesel Generators?
These are the generators that we collect from Ships which are going for recycling. When a Ship or vessel completes its life circle, usually the Owner of the ship choose either to sell it to other owner who do repair and increase its lifetime or it goes for recycling in countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, India.
In this Post we are describing what we do With Used Marine Diesel Generators, From Where We collect them and how we prepare them for reuse. It may seems like an informative website but we do professionally Sell or Sorts of Marine Supply. And we have been doing this for about 14 years.

Is used industrial diesel generators are separate from the marine one?
Actually there might be some differences from the manufacturer but for us, and for the Marine Supply industry it is a Great opportunity to use them wherever it is needed. Yes, we are selling used marine generators for about 14 years in country and abroad, but so far what we got is a lot of people buy these used marine diesel generators from us to Supply power for industries. Yes, people use our Marine Generators for industrial use too. Because these Marine used generator has the same quality and requirement fulfilling ability the one you industry is looking for.

So if you are looking for a used industrial generator on sale then it might be a risky one to buy. The cause of the risk is obvious. Because when you buy a Heavy power generator for your industry you don’t sell them for any small reason. Either is factory is stopped like the ship went for recycling, otherwise that used industrial generator might have some issue with it which may cost you a huge amount from your Bank, later after buying it.
Let me describe to you

What are the benefits of using a used marine diesel generator?
You are on this website as you already know what will be beneficial for you, and you are here looking for that thing. So to order and ask about the availability of the used marine diesel generator that you are looking for simply use our contact us Page which will help you save your time, we don’t want to waste your valuable time. But this page is for those who are yet on confusion about whether to buy a used marine generator or not.
Let me point out a few things which are good & bad about our used marine generators on sale.

Things you can consider as benefit of Buying a used marine diesel generators.

1. The first & most important things people loves about a used marine diesel generator is the most obvious reason you are looking for it, Yes it saves you thousands of Dollars which you can invest in business Development or whatever you want.
2. Though it is used marine generator, but the benefit we consider is it is tested by our Expert team. They have supplied hundreds of marine generators testing successfully and, we delivered those worldwide.
3. Marine Supply team brings these used marine generators from running ships. So these items goes under triple checks before going into your hands.


Disadvantages We Consider of Used Marine Diesel Generators for Sale

1. The Very first Disadvantage we think is you may be thinking whether it is a good product or bad one? But you can trust our 100% Client satisfaction Guarantee. We don’t send out a product out of our warehouse until it is tested a lot of times. So it is a disadvantage for us, not for you. When you get relived like our hundreds of customers, we will remove this from our disadvantage list.
2. We try to collect all papers of each & every generator we buy form ships owners, but sometimes we miss the manual papers to include with the delivery. So if you have an expert team on your factory or Ships, from which you got the product requirement. They May find it easy to install it.

Best for usage as a Spare Marine Generators
Yes, we have relations with hundreds of clients from over the World. About 60-70% of these people buy our used marine diesel generator to reuse them in Ships. Every Ships owners, Engineers or captain knows that an Emergency marine Generator is a must for running a Ship. Emergency Marine Generators are in every captain’s checklist before he runs the whistle to start it off. Because you always need a backup of power before sending your fifty or hundred crew in the middle of an ocean, as you won’t want them to have problem with power. Because it is normal that the Main Marine generator sometimes fails to generate power for technical reasons, or for maintenance you need an emergency generator to use as the only power supply of your vessel.

Then Go and Get in Touch for it 

So if you are looking for a Main Generator for your Vessel or Industry you are at the right place, but if you are looking for smaller used generators that you got the right one too! Please use our Contact us Page to send your requirement to our team. You are about to get the availability information of your required product, within 48 hours.

Some examples of our in stock Used Marine Diesel Generator for Sale
Here are some pictures of our in stock available Marine diesel generator that you can see as reference. But we expect to deal with our customers through email. So please use the Contact us page to send your requirement of any types of used marine Supply items you are looking for.

used marine generators for sale
Fresh View of our Industrial & Marine Diesel Generators for Sale
used marine generators for sale
One of our Marine & Industrial Diesel Generators up for Sale.







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Delivery Safety for used marine diesel generators
Once you get your requirement all set for a used marine generator we prepare it for Shipping. It usually takes about 15-20 days for preparing a perfect packaging box for the whole generator. And after completing of the Packaging we make the shipping using freight forwarder. And these types of large items can be shipped through Sea Freight only.

Frequently Asked Questions about Used Marine Diesel Generator for Sale

1. How can I be sure that it is a whole working Generator?
On that case, we provide Video of the generator while starting it. And to make sure and to make you trust the video we take a board writing your Company name or your name in the video.
2. Is it full of Dirt as it was used in ship?
As it is used it may get dirty when we get it, but when our customers get it they looks like Brand new Marine Diesel Generators. Because we have a whole expert team who do the cleaning of the outer body of the used marine generator, and another team who are responsible for giving it a genuine , original brand color look as it used to look like as new.
3. What if the Marine Generator doesn’t work after arriving?
In that case, we do suggest you to restart the generator after a few days, and even after few days, if it doesn’t start, we will reach you with local team of expert to analyses what is the issue, and we will solve the problem.

If you have any further inquiry about used marine diesel generators for sale, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You will get a response from our team within 24-48 hours.